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Neck Pain/Stiffness

Neck pain and neck stiffness can result from tension and/or muscle strain, and commonly affects regions near the neck, including the shoulder, jaw, head and upper arms. The term "stiff" neck is often used to describe the pain that results when moving your neck, especially from side-to-side. HealthSource doctors and staff effectively work to relieve your pain by freeing trapped nerves and easing stiff joints.

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel can cause pain, as well as tingling and numbness in your hand, and stems from the buildup of pressure on the median nerve in your wrist. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including incorrectly typing on a computer keyboard, as well as pregnancy. HealthSource nerve release techniques help to erase the pain, while making sure it doesn't come back.

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine includes a wide range of medical specialties, health professions and scientific disciplines, which focus on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of sports-related injuries.


Arthritis can cause symptoms of inflammation, pain, and stiffness. There are over 100 different types of arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis and gout. HealthSource docs will design a specific action plan to address your pain.


Migraines are no ordinary headaches, and are often described as a vice-like squeezing within the head. People affected by migraines might also experience sensitivity to both noise and sound, as well as blurry vision and nausea. A simple chiropractic adjustment can do wonders for migraine sufferers by assuring the headaches are less painful and less frequent.


Scoliosis is defined by an abnormal curve with the spine, and can affect a wide range of ages, from young children to older adults. Scoliosis can lead to an unbalanced posture as well as back pain, and is known to get worse unless the condition is treated.

Low Back Pain

Low back pain affects millions of people each year and can be brought on by something as simple as getting out of bed. Lower back pain becomes more common as the discs separating the vertebrae lose fluid and flexibility, which decreases the cushioning separating the vertebrae. HealthSource's unique combination of chiropractic care and Progressive Rehab helps to restore lost flexibility and strength.

Disc Degeneration

Disc Degeneration can cause a wide-variety of pain throughout the body, and often gets worse with movements such as bending over, reaching up, or twisting. The discs separate your vertebrae by acting as soft, compressible, "shock" absorbers within the spine, and can flare up in a number of widespread ways. An affected disc in the neck area may result in neck or arm pain, while an affected disc in the lower back may result in pain in the back or down your leg. A synergistic, non-surgical spinal decompression therapy effectively relieves the pain, and is available at HealthSource. The procedure is so pain-free that some patients have even fallen asleep during treatment.

Leg Pain

Pain in the legs can interfere with many basic activities like running, walking and even sitting. Causes of leg pain can range from issues with the leg itself to those in the back and spine or even in the nerves! Let the professionals at HealthSource find the cause of your pain and get you back to living!


A bulging or ruptured disc can irritate the sciatic nerve and cause pain, tingling, or numbness through the extensions of the nerve throughout the lower back and lower body. Some patients compare the pain to that of a burning sensation. A quick and easy spinal adjustment at HealthSource could potentially unlock your stiffened spine and joints, freeing you from pain.


Characterized by widespread bouts of muscular pain throughout the body, fibromyalgia can leave patients feeling stiff with tender points of pain, and can easily disturb sleep, increasing levels of fatigue and frustration. HealthSource docs can track down the pain and help the body get rid of it fast!


Nutrition is the fuel that helps to keep your body running smoothly. Without proper and adequate nutrition, the body has trouble creating energy, leaving you weak and prone to illness. HealthSource Weight Loss Systems help provide patients with the facts and tools they need, so they can start building a healthier lifestyle.

Balance and Vertigo

A balance disorder can cause an individual to feel unsteady, or dizzy. Vertigo is a related symptom in which the individual has the perceived sensation of spinning. HealthSource's blend of chiropractic and progressive rehab helps to rebalance the body, and make sure it stays on-track.

Muscle Tension

Muscle Tension is a tensing-up of the muscles often brought on by periods of stress, tension, or exercise, and can cause flare-ups of back and body pain. HealthSource docs ease the pain by helping the body ease itself back into place, eliminating pain and discomfort.

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Services Offered
Neck Pain/Stiffness
Sport Medicine
Low Back Pain, Leg Pain
Fibromyalgia, Carpel Tunnel &Arthritis
Scoliosis, Disc Degeneration, Sciatia
Muscle Tension
Massage Therapy

My Holistic Approach to Wellness as Your Gaffney Chiropractor

Every year millions of Americans turn to chiropractic care for a safe, holistic and effective approach to alleviate back, neck and shoulder pain. Chiropractic care is also sought out to relieve fatigue, pain in the extremities, and general poor health. As a professional Chiropractor, we believe that correcting the root of the problem provides significant long term benefits rather than simply treating or masking symptoms.

We do not perform surgery or prescribe drugs but while stressing the importance of healthy living I might suggest the use of natural vitamins and minerals. Spine exercises and dietary changes may be some of our suggestions to add to your treatment. At the chiropractic center the exercises given you to do will improve your treatment sessions. Your restoration to optimal health is our goal as your Gaffney Chiropractor.

We Take a Proactive Approach as Your Gaffney Chiropractor

A misconception by many people is that a chiropractic doctor is only for providing neck pain relief or back pain relief. While chiropractic therapy does include neck pain treatment and back pain treatment it really encompasses treatment of the whole body. A hands-on approach is taken by me through adjustment of the imbalances in your skeletal system, especially your spine. Chiropractic care is a noninvasive discipline that sees the body as a system of parts that work together in balance.

Nerve impulses can be disrupted causing a number of symptoms due to misalignment in one or more of the spinal vertebrae. Unusual sensations could result in different areas of your body. Fatigue, allergy or sinus symptoms may also be added to the list. Patients come to the chiropractic center seeking hip pain relief and shoulder pain relief and after receiving chiropractic treatment they are surprised to find that they are free of pain.

We will adjust your spine and skeletal system to correct its positioning through regular treatments. The healing process will begin along with repair to the nervous system when realignment of the vertebrae is complete. Our goal as your Chiropractor is to realign the spinal column, affecting the body as a whole, thereby restoring you back to complete health. We plan to attain this goal without the use of drugs or surgery.

We Provide Care for Every Age as Your Chiropractor

Our training enables me to treat patients of every age. Spinal misalignment can come about any time, whatever your age. It even happens during the birthing process. Frequent falls are common in toddlers. In early development, children are often in situations that can put strain on their bodies. When they are grown, problems can be found resulting from those experiences. Children can benefit from a visit to the family chiropractor at a young age.

Chiropractic care can improve your health as an adult or senior citizen. As you get older, a visit to me, your Gaffney chiropractor can help you to sustain complete range of motion. We’ll help you by easing joint or back pain caused by natural degenerative changes or arthritis. Did you know that gravity alone can be a cause for spinal misalignment? A number of problems such as hip pain, arm pain and shoulder pain are evidence of this.

As your Gaffney Chiropractor we will strive to attain our aim. This goal includes your ability to keep up a healthy and active life. Questions have been raised concerning the use of prescription drugs and the need for surgery. As your Gaffney Chiropractor we can offer you holistic methods to heal and be in good health.

Let us Help You Find Relief from Allergies and Sinus Conditions as Your Gaffney Chiropractor

People with sinus pain, allergies and frequent headaches usually look for treatment with prescription drugs or over the counter remedies. The success rate is poor from most of these treatments. Just a few of the undesirable effects from use of these preparations could include drowsiness and dry mouth. If this sounds like you, you may want to talk with this Gaffney Chiropractor since we may be able to offer you another solution.

As a professional Gaffney Chiropractor we can ease the process of your healing and recovery. With chiropractic care, pain caused by spinal misalignment will be relieved, as will allergies and sinus congestion. It may be hard to believe that chiropractic adjustments will also assist in the relief of sinus and allergy related ailments. For over a century people with these illnesses have been finding relief through chiropractic care.

As your Gaffney Chiropractor we can alleviate the symptoms of your allergies through spinal manipulation treatments. Your immune system can recover and protect you more effectively with regular chiropractic care. Allergies and sinus problems often need chiropractic care to relieve the signs and symptoms. Stop in at your family chiropractic office for a consultation if allergies are a concern to you.

We Advocate Disease Prevention as Your Gaffney Chiropractor

As your Gaffney Chiropractor we want to see that you are proactive in your healthcare for the time ahead. Spotting where you might be straining yourself in unhealthy ways is the first step in changing your activities to ease damage to your body. For example if your work requires heavy lifting or repetitive movement, we can discuss ways that you can prevent damage from these activities. Injuries from sports are common. Leg pain relief and arm pain relief is often sought after by the avid golfer.

Lower back exercises will strengthen your back and we may advise you to do them. Diet, sleeping habits, exercise frequency and heredity are all factors affecting your health and while receiving treatment from us, your Gaffney Chiropractor we will take all of this into consideration. We can advise you and recommend changes in your lifestyle that will affect those factors. We are delighted as your Gaffney pain relief specialist to serve you.
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